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Frequently asked questions

What is L’école comestible ?


L'école comestible is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 by Camille Labro, journalist and author, along with a collective of volunteers (chefs, teachers, parents, farmers, gardeners, nutritionists, researchers, artists, activists, writers, gastronomes, etc.). Our purpose is to integrate Edible Education, from the ground to the table, into schools for children and their families. We strongly believe in the "Delicious Revolution" as advocated by Alice Waters and Olivier Roellinger, godparents of L'école comestible.


Why was L’école comestible created ?

L'école comestible bases its principles on The Edible Schoolyard's, founded in 1995 by our godmother Alice Waters in Berkeley, California (USA). It is a very inspiring example of a beautiful vegetable garden in a school, which allows children to understand the world around them through food. While gardening and cooking, children also play, calculate, read, study chemical reactions, observe geography, understand history, touch, listen, smell, and forge their critical minds — all their senses are awakened and all their school subjects are tied together. It seemed essential to develop a similar model in France, benefiting all children and reconnecting them to nature and lively food.


What are your programs ?

L'école comestible's programs are pedagogical curriculums. Each one has 6 annual sessions over long periods (3 to 8 years), linked to essential academic subjects as recommended by the French National Education. During our programs, children explore their senses, learn about food waste, the path from farm to table and from seed to trash (or compost), the world's cultural diversity, while apprehending life through growing organic vegetable gardens, as well as improving their daily diet inside and outside of school.

For now, we mainly teach Kindergarten and Elementary students, from pre-school to the fourth grade (4 to 11 years old).


How are each program conducted ?

Each lesson has theoretical foundations and practical applications. A first moment is dedicated to gather all the notions, then an implementation of know-how (tastings, preparations, realization of recipes, seedlings, plantations, harvests...) and finally sharing all productions and knowledge. During each workshop, children are accompanied by an expert (farmer, gardener, chef...), their teacher, professional volunteers and parents.

What is your pedagogical principle ?


Learning by doing, doing together, and tasting... everything!
"Full mouths and dirty hands", as our volunteer 
Régis would say.

Where are you present ?


In 2020-21, L'école comestible carried out its programs in 11 schools in Île-de-France region, with nearly 1,000 children. For the year 2021-22, we plan to be in at least 20 schools in and around Paris, and soon in Provence.   

How can I volunteer ?


To join us and change the world through Edible Education, feel free to fill out this form. We will reach back to you very soon.

I am a parent, a school principal, a teacher, a municipal officer… How can I bring L'école comestible's project to my school?


To carry out a program in your district, you can fill out this form so that we can analyze your profile and prerequisites.

Because it is essential to train our teams, we can't respond to all demands at the same time, but each request will be taken into consideration. Be patient!


I work in the food industry (craftsman, cook, farmer, sustainable food company...), how can get involved?

You can email explaining your project and what you want to bring to L'école comestible (financial, material, workshop animation, classroom hosting, etc.)


How to support L'école comestible?

To support our actions and the Edible Education movement, you can join and donate, sign our Manifesto, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, talk about us around you… All gestures are welcomed!


Where will my donation go?

L'école comestible provides free access to food education in schools while improving children’s connection to food, land and others.  

Along with our team and volunteers, we put all our energy, time and imagination towards children. We need your support to ensure our programs quality, content and educational materials, as well as the deployment of food education in all territories, for all children.

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